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About me


My name is Marcus, I'm 39 years old From a young age I loved to experiment with colors. I completed an apprenticeship as a painter and I worked in this profession for 19 years. Of course, this always resulted in new ideas for making something beautiful in my free time and/or implementing things. My artworks are made from many different fabrics and materials in gold and black style. (real gold) I love and live for the design and art/decoration finishing (real gold)

Do you have a piece of furniture decoration that you don't want to throw away... bring it to me and I'll finish it in gold, black or just gold, also real gold


Through galvanic processes, I gild, plated, silver plated jewelry car parts etc.

Art provokes, demonstrates, criticizes. The art stimulates the viewer to reflect, it evokes memories and controls emotions. Past and present mix and form a new whole; various objects and materials that were found and collected at a point in my life, that come from different places and contexts, are brought together, actually almost placed out of place. Everyday objects are taken out of their original context and function and I put them together. The reuse of objects dates back to the early Middle Ages, but is of greater importance today than ever before in history. On the one hand my artistic approach lies in the history of art, on the other hand it reflects and represents important contemporary discourses; the reuse of objects that are found, collected and valued, and the subsequent question of how far they can have an effect that is placed elsewhere. This alienation from the original context and the function of the individual objects in turn affects the viewer differently. The viewer is not only drawn into a dialogue with the work of art, but at the same time the question of what art is for me is revealed: a reflection, a provocation, but also a demonstration and a critique.

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